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Carpet Cleaning and Repair

With more than 27 years of experience, all cleaning repairs and restoration are done by qualified carpet weavers from Iran





Accumulation of dust and pet deposits can shorten the life of your rug by deteriorating its foundation over time. It is recommended to have your rugs cleaned once every two years in order to remove dust particles accumulated during this time.

Carpet Cleaning Will Include:
Traditional Herbal Hand Washing
Color Enhancement
Stain & Grime Removal
Eradicate Bacteria & Dust Mites
Pile Brushing
Fringes Whitening
Remove Bad Odour
Sun Drying

Free Collection And Delivery Island wide ($100 & above)





Sometimes rugs can sustain permanent damage either due to permanent discoloration, water damage, tears in the body, and regular wear and tear. These types of problems cannot be fixed solely by cleaning. In some cases the rug will need to be repaired or restored. This includes Re-Fringing, Leather Binding Support, Re-Weaving, and Double-Hand knotting. When we visit your home, they will help you identify the correct course of action to address your particular need.

Persian Carpet Repairs & Restoration
Change Fringes
Stretching & Straightening
Install Leather Strips
Pile Repair
Remove Bad Odour
Repair Fringes
Colour Run Restoration

Repair Binding
Repair Torn Areas
Re-Dying Of Faded Area
Pet Urine/ Bad Stain

Free Collection And Delivery Island wide ($100 & above)

Washing is conducted with great care, with special attention to the fastness of dyes and the stability of structure. The washing agent is a neutral synthetic detergent, which is later removed by thorough rinsing of the carpet. The carpets are hung on a bar to dry at moderate, controlled temperature. Besides the craftsmanship of its weavers, one of the most important aspects of restoration has to do with dyes: the dyeing processes itself and the selection of the dyed wool.

Carpet Cleaning Discount Prices

Sizes in Ft Usual Prices Discount Prices Online Discount
3x2ft $24.00 $21.00 $19.95
4x2.5ft $40.00 $35.00 $31.50
6x2ft $48.00 $42.00 $38.00
5x3ft $60.00 $52.50 $47.25
8x2ft $64.00 $56.00 $50.40
6x4ft $96.00 $84.00 $75.60
10x2.5ft $100.00 $87.00 $78.00
7x5ft $140.00 $122.00 $110.00
9x6ft $216.00 $189.00 $170.00
10x7ft $280.00 $245.00 $220.00
12x9ft $432.00 $378.00 $340.00


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The goal is to prevent further damage or deterioration." Deterioration may be due to chemical changes; insect or microbial attack, exposure to heat, light, or moisture or from the way an item is displayed or stored. Restoration on the other end is "an attempt to return an object to its original or first condition." "Repair is restoration to the extent it truly copies the original materials and construction of a rug.


Antique Carpet Repairs & Restoration By Qualified Weavers
Antique & Silk carpet require special care. As times go this carpets need to be restored more often to maintain its natural beauty. Binding & fringes must be replaced when it gets broken or torn. Underlay should be used to protect the pile breaking off. Certain carpets will be sent to Iran for restoration especially silk & antique pieces. 

An excellent restorer of antique rugs has so much experience with the restoration of thousands of rugs and carpets from all countries of origin that no question remained unanswered. No restoration problem is tackled without thorough investigation of the object, and good advice is provided when an owner feels uncertain or unsure about the best solution.

Carpet Re-Fringing using Silk, Wool or Cotton fringes
Persian and Oriental carpets over time might have their fringes worn or torn. If this problem is ignored , serious damage to the end borders may occur. Our weavers can repair and re-fringe your carpets giving them renewed life. Extra care is given to each rug to match, as closely as possible, the original fringe. We recommend having rugs cleaned when any repair is being done.

Carpet Re Dyeing
Assuming the stained area was not completely restored through Spot Removal, the stain can go through Re-Dyeing as the next step of the Stain Removal process. Re-Dyeing is the process of manually re-painting each knot with the proper dye in order to restore it to its original colour.

Carpet Spot Removal
Depending on the type of stain, very small amounts of various products are applied to the affected area to test their effectiveness. Once the right product is identified, it is then applied to the rest of the stained area to achieve the same result.

Carpet Re-Weaving & Repairs
Re-Weaving is done in order to reconstruct torn and deteriorated areas of a rug. In this process, the damaged area of the rug is cut out entirely, new foundation is placed in its place, and the missing area is completely rewoven from scratch.

Carpet Re-Binding
When Persian carpet are finished being woven, a protective hand-woven binding is wrapped on the sides of the carpet. Over time this binding can wear or separate from the sides. Our expert weaver can re-weave the binding, restoring this protection to the sides of your carpets.

        Before            After





 With Careful Treatment, An Oriental Rug Can Survive For Centuries. Follow These Simple Guidelines To Preserve The Quality Of Your Floor covering Investment

All cleaning repairs and restoration done by qualified carpet weavers from Persia

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80 Changi Road
Singapore 419715

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  • Only cleaning amount above $100 will be eligible for Free collection and delivery.
  • For cleaning amount below $100, collection and delivery will be charged at an additional of $30.
  • From the date of collection, it takes approx 7 - 14 days to wash and return your carpets
  • In the comments box, please provide your requirements, tentative date & time of collection
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