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Washing Tips

Always follow the care label. Here are a few guidelines on how to optimise the durability of our products:


Machine Wash at 40 degrees centigrade, tumble dry with cooling down period, take out of dryer shortly after cycle is completed, fold, lay flat and iron whilst fabric is still damp. You may also hang the bedlinen to drip dry, this will result in minimum creasing. Do not mix wash with other fibres like acrylic or poly/cotton , as this may result in pilling of the cotton fabric.


We recommend that your new towel/robe should be washed before use, as it takes several washes to achieve their maximum absorbency & softness.
Try not to use fabric conditioner. If you do, use only a very small amount and not in every wash as this coats the towelling loops, reducing towels/robes absorbency.
Tumble dry your towels with dryer balls (available from most supermarkets, or two tennis balls) in the drum to help get them extra soft and fluffy.
If you see a stray pulled loop on your towel/robe please cut off with a pair of scissors, this will not damage the item.
Bathroom detergents and some beauty products such as cleansers contain bleaching agents and may cause permanent discoloration to your towel/robe.


The above washing instructions are for guidance only, for more detailed procedure, all of our products have specific instructions on the packaging and/or labels.


How to Clean Upholstery in 4 Steps

Furniture cleaning isn’t a science: try out a few techniques before choosing the one that is right for your belongings. This step-by-step guide explains how to clean a sofa:

1.   Before using any upholstery cleaning products, vacuum the sofa or chair first to remove as much surface dirt and dust as possible. Be sure to use the correct attachments to avoid damage to the material – a soft brush attachment is ideal.

2.   Spot Clean. Using baby wipes or vinegar poured onto a strong microfiber cloth, apply to any obvious stains, wiping gently as you go. Remember to test the upholstery cleaning products on an inconspicuous area first.

3.   Overall Clean. Using soapy water and a microfibre cloth, gently wipe your sofa with the solution, allowing it to soak into the fabric and tackle the dirt beneath the surface. You only want to use a very small amount of water – don’t saturate the material.

4.   Dry. Some people use a hairdryer to quickly dry a sofa, but allowing it to dry naturally is always the better option, if you have the time. To speed things up, open windows and allow the breeze to help with the drying process.


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